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The Ford F-150 is the perfect truck for anyone looking for the ideal work vehicle to haul equipment. Not only does this truck come with a powerful engine, but it also comes with all the right features to help you view your equipment that's in tow while hauling it all safely. By having access to these features, you can rest your mind while traveling long distances with a heavy load attached to your truck. To top it off and make this truck everything you have ever needed, you are also provided with a variety of different safety features to help keep you and your partners safe and not just your trailer.

Towing Capacity

The body of the Ford F-150 is lightweight and built with high-strength steel, which helps reduce the weight of the truck and increase your payload. With the newer F-150's, there is an available tow rating of around 23,000, which is a very impressive rating for a work truck. Having an EcoBoost engine under the hood is what gives your truck the extra push to carry all your heaviest equipment with ease and without having to work about not having enough power to haul the load safely.

Smart Towing Features

Pro Trailer Backup Assist: This feature allows you to synchronize your trailer and truck while putting your vehicle in reverse.

Dynamic Hitch Assist with a line of sight guide to help you backup perfectly.

8-inch productivity screen to view your trailer and load that is in the haul.

Factory installed brake controller to help you synchronize your truck's brakes and your truck.

Blind-spot Detection With this feature, you will be alerted when a vehicle enters the blind-spot area of your truck and trailer. The warnings provided to you will either be audible or visual.

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